Additional Services

In addition to the core work provided by general practice the clinicians have committed to providing the following additional services:

  • Ensuring that there are at least 16.5 clinical hours per week for every 1000 patients registered at the practice.
  • Ensuring that the practice is open 52.5 hours per week and running chronic disease clinics once a month on a Saturday.
  • Providing some 15minute appointments for patients. 
  • Ensuring that all 16 -18 year olds that have not had an MMR vaccination are being advised of the importance of being immunised and offering them appointments.
  • Patients that may be at risk of Diabetes are being offered blood tests. 
  • All new mother and babies are offered a 6 week check. 
  • Smoking Cessation and Alcohol advice is offered to all patients. 
  • Patients that have diabetes and are of child bearing age are being offered education about pregnancy where appropriate. 
  • All patients over 75 are being offered an annual health check with the Healthcare Assistant. 
  • Facilitate patient educational sessions for specific topics throughout the year.