Panorama Response

If you saw the Panorama TV programme recently (Monday 13th June 2022) you are probably as concerned as we were to see unsupported clinicians treating patients.

Just to remind you of our current set up at our surgery:

Nurse prescribers

We have Lisa and Rachael working as Nurse Prescribers. Both our nurses have undertaken clinical training and Independent Prescribing qualifications.


Bhavik Hirani is our Practice Based Pharmacist. Bhavik has completed all the relevant pharmacy training and also has recently undertaken a qualification in Advanced Clinical Practice. Along with Rachael, Bhavik sees patients daily as part of our Urgent Access clinics. They debrief with Doctor a doctor weekly to discuss all the patients they have dealt with.


We are supported by 2 registrars in training (registrars are fully qualified doctors who are undertaking training to be GPs).

Both these members of staff are supported by our GPs who have protected time in which to supervise, debrief and discuss all of the patient cases that these members of staff see.

Support and Supervision

In the current times of GP shortages Allied health professionals are incredibly important to be able to help our GPs to manage their workload, but of course making sure they have adequate support and supervision is incredibly important which is something that Longrove Surgery has taken very seriously for a number of years and will continue to do so.

We hope this explains our situation and reassures you that no matter who you are seen by within the practice, there are effective procedures in place to make sure that your care is safe and of a high quality.

Published: Jun 15, 2022