Dr Steven I Livingston

Dr Steven I Livingston

Gender: Male
Primary qualifications: BSc MBChB

Born in Glasgow Dr Livingston went to St Andrews University gaining a BSc in Medical Science(1979). He then transferred to Manchester University where he graduated with an MBChB medical qualification (1982).

He became a partner in a practice in Borehamwood in 1986 where he remained until joining Longrove as a partner in 1995. He is a Medical Adviser to a well known West-End firm of solicitors and an Austrian Bank.

At Longrove he holds responsibility for financial management of the practice and has a strong interest in the computing side of the practice.

He is married with 2 sons - neither of whom are medically inclined. He enjoys reading, collecting colourful glass and tinkering about with computers - if they are not broken when he starts, they will most probably be when he finishes! His ambition is to write a novel.