Video Consultations

Video Consultation Information for Patients

We recognise that some patients may have difficulty travelling to the surgery or may be unable to arrange an appointment around their working pattern. We are offering video consultations to our patients


Is it secure? 

Yes. The video link service is provided by EMIS, the same provider who hold our patient’s notes electronically and who have been accredited to the same data security standards of the NHS. 

Helpful information on how to have a video consultation with your GP


What sort of computer or device do I need?  

You will need a desktop or laptop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet and a broadband internet connection. Most devices will have a built in camera and microphone, but if you have an older device you may need external ones. 


How will the appointment be arranged?  

Patients may call the surgery to book a video consultation appointment or use patient access to book a video consultation online.


What do I do at my appointment time? 

We would suggest you go somewhere suitably quiet and private for your consultation, ideally your own home.  When the consultation starts, your doctor will introduce themselves and confirm your identity as with any other appointment. They will confirm that you are happy to proceed and that you can see and hear clearly. Your consultation will then carry on in the usual way.  

At the end of your consultation you will be asked how you wish to be seen for future appointments, either face to face or by video consultation.  



If having a chaperone present at the appointment is required, you will be asked to end the call and book an appointment to come to the surgery where a chaperone can be present.


What happens if I am having difficulty seeing or hearing my doctor through the video link?

Let your doctor know straight away if you are experiencing any technical problems with the virtual clinic. 

Sometimes video and audio quality is affected by the speed of your internet connection

If you are still having difficulty your consultation can continue by telephone or you will be offered the next available face to face appointment. 


Recording of my appointment? 

We would ask you not to record your consultation.  



We will be assessing this service and your experience. You may be invited to complete a patient satisfaction survey after your appointment. We are interested in honest feedback and we would be grateful if you would consider sharing your thoughts with us.