Statement of Purpose

Longrove surgery was a purpose built building 27 years ago in a residential area.

Disabled access on the ground floor via permanent ramp and automatic door.

Ground floor has the reception/ notes area, waiting room, patient toilet and disabled toilet, 4 consulting room, 1 treatment room, 2 admin rooms.

The first floor has 3 consulting room, 1 treatment room, secretarial room, practice mangers room, kitchen, staff room and staff toilet.


  1. To provide equitable access to all our patients
  2. To provide the best quality service to our patients within a confidential and safe environment.
  3. To show our patients courtesy, dignity and respect at all times irrespective of ethnic origin, religious belief, personal attributes or the nature of their health problem.
  4. To involve our patients in decisions regarding their treatment.
  5. To listen to what our patients tell us
  6. Allow our patients open lines of communication
  7. To encourage our patients to get involved in the practice through an annual survey and encouragement to comment on the care they receive.
  8. To involve allied healthcare professionals in the care of our patients where it is in their best interests.
  9. Promote continuous learning and development across the practice
  10. To ensure that all members of the team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently
  11. To promote good health and well being to our patients through education and information.
  12. Provide a clean & safe environment by infection control management and effective risk assessment

Service Type

Provider of GP Consultations & Treatments/Provider of Nurse Consultations & Treatments.

We provide services to our registered patient population and operate an open list for patients needing temporary services whilst in our catchment area.

The Practice works under a PMS (Personal Medical Services Contract) and provides the following NHS services.

Appointments on the day and in advance

  • 10 & 15 minute appointment slots
  • Urgent Access and Minor illness clinic
  • Telephone consultations & Duty Doctor.

Management of long term conditions, DiabetesCOPDAsthma, Hypertension, Heart Disease & Stroke. Learning Disability Heath Checks, Palliative Care and Maternity Services

Regulated activities

Diagnostic & Screening Procedures @ location Id 1-540192880

Family Planning @ location 1-540192880

Maternity & Midwifery Services @ location 1-540192880

Surgical Procedure @location 1-540192880

Treatment of disease, disorder or injury @location 1-540192880